Hazard Recognition

Performance, 2007, 12 hours

Louise Liliefeldt, Carali McCall, Nahed Mansour

This 12 hour performance considers physical and mental work, the discrimination of people on the grounds of race and class as well as staying power, the power of endurance. The performance combines various actions with moments of stasis. Each action has been stretched beyond its so-called natural length of time to emphasize the determination and self-discipline that enable one to move forth despite the mental and physical difficulties that are involved. 

Presented at:

Nuit Blanche
Site Specific performance - Hart House, University of Toronto
Curated by Louise Liliefeldt - Department of Fine Art
in collaboration with Lisa Steele and Barbara Fischer

Commissioned Artist Project: Hazard Recognition

Fuse Magazine Issue 30:2, Spring 2007 (Louise Liliefeldt & Nahed Mansour)

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