Satellite Telefizyoon

Video Installation, 2014

Satellite Telefizyoon takes all of its visual content from a popular 1987 Egyptian television quiz show titled Hawl El Alam (Around the World). In the show the iconic singer/ actress Sherihan would appropriate the costume, song, and dialect of an unnamed country and conclude by asking her audience to guess which country she was representing. 

Focusing on the positioning of Egyptian women in relationship to their European, South American, Asian, and African sisters, Sherihan is made to quotes academics Laura Bier, Timothy Mitchell, and Anthony Shay through falsified subtitles to provide a brief history of Egyptian conceptions of modernity from the 1950-80’s. 

Presented at: 

Hamilton Arts Inc.
Hamilton, Canada 

Art Gallery of Mississauga
Mississauga, Canada

Incident Light: Gendered Artifacts and Traces Illuminated
in the Archives

Curated by Leila Pourtavaf
Blackwood Gallery
Toronto, Canada

Generous support for the installation at Incident Light was provided by:

Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant 2014

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