Solo Exhibit, Installation & Sound, 2009

Installation materials: glove patterns, sequined gloves, threads, white material, black lights, medical drawing of vitiligo

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In Singer, a Singer sewing machine is centered in the gallery with sewing patterns, material, and threads surrounding the work area. By the street-level windows is a display are several varieties of Michael’s iconic single sequined white glove, all manufactured in China and purchased through eBay by the artist. While the gloves are recognizable as a markers of Jackson’s on and off stage costume, an medical drawing of a hand with Vitiligo, points to the fact that Jackson began wearing the now iconic glove in an attempt to hide the same skin condition which was responsible for the loss of pigment in his skin.

To emphasize the contrast between the invisible production and popular consumption of celebrity, a series of black lights are activated at sunset, converting the functionary workshop-like atmosphere into a stage-like production of illuminated material. The installation is also animated with a sound piece that features seven of Jackson’s hits being hummed by the artist. 

Presented at:

Whippersnapper Gallery
Toronto, Canada

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