This Is Tenderness

Selected Curator of VTape's Curatorial Incubator v.13 Series

Katherine Jerkovic’s Bien chezsoi/Wekk at Home (2002), 06:00.
Barbara K. Prokop’s Nine to Five (2002), 04:56.
Liliana Vélez Jaramillo’s Gym (2007), 03:18.
Barbara K. Prokop’s Interview with Frau Krause (2001), 02:53.
Edward Lam’s Nelson is a Boy (1985), 14:00.
Barbara K. Prokop’s IIm Gesprach mit: Anne Scordel (2001), 04:56.
Saskia Holmkvist’s In Translation – Mohamed (2011), 10:19.

Interview with Frau Krause
Barbara K. Prokop
2001, 2:53 min, colour, German & Eng subtitles

Nelson is a Boy
Edward Lam
1985, 14:00 min, colour, English

Liliana Velez Jaramillo
2007, 03:18 min, colour

In Translation
Saskia Holmkvist
2011, 29:06 min, colour

Excerpt from Curatorial Text:

"Tenderness is an emotion assumed to be reserved for the domestic sphere, where ideally vulnerability can be exposed without the fear of public judgment. Yet as the works reveal, there are instances were labourers, purposefully or unconsciously, let their guards down, thereby allowing associations reserved for the domestic sphere – of both kindness and sensitivity – to emerge in the workplace. These instances of affective transmission are particularly significant in a post-industrial society where the distinctions between private and public spheres are collapsing, and where tenderness becomes yet another contested terrain for commodification."

Presented at:

The Job of Life
VTape's Curatorial Incubator v.13
Toronto, Canada

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