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Nahed Mansour is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary research-based artist. Her most recent works draw from archival images, found footage, and material-culture to investigate notions of race and power through dance.  These projects typically center iconic entertainers that become apertures for thinking about the ways racial identities are performed and negotiated in popular culture. In presenting her work alongside material culture that informs her practice, she creates a constellation of images and ideas informed by critical feminist and post-colonial readings of history. Her interview 2020 Canadian Art interview with Sarah Sarofim, titled Reproductions of Reproductions, Traces of Traces, outlines her recent interests and concerns. Earlier works explored auto-ethnography and language loss. 

All of Nahed's video works are distributed by VTape in Toronto, Canada, with the exception of Tape#158: Document 2b (in collaboration with Kandis Friesen) which is distributed by GIV in Montreal, Canada. She holds an MFA in Open Media from Concordia University and a BA joint Honours in Semiotics and Visual Studies from the University of Toronto.

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